MU Parlour

July 4, 2012

One of the things I like about Singapore is that there's a flourishing number of intimate cafes that charm us with the whimsical and artistic decorations and beautiful atmosphere, which I extremely adore. Best places for meet ups. Bad thing is it's a huge money absorber.

Yesterday my friend and I went to MU Parlour, a newly opened cafe at Holland Village. It's actually the first time I went to Holland Village, I knew this place since I was in primary school because there was this SG drama that's named "Holland Village" haha. I like the place very very much, but it doesn't really look like what the drama portrayed, maybe it's a different part of Holland Village.

We went there not just to eat but mainly to edit some photographs we took earlier for a side project. I secretly hope I have a workspace just like that because of how simple, clean, spacious and even refreshing it is for you to breathe, think, work and reflect.

Probably not many people know this cafe yet as it's new and upstairs, so we were the only two customers when we went. Maybe the food isn't as good as what we expected, but the beautiful space and ambiance have counterbalanced it.

The moment I stepped into the cafe, I said "This place is gorgeous. I'm so going to blog about this!" I just wish I'm a better writer and that I can write a proper and more useful review on the cafe. Sigh, can anyone suggest me any ways to be a better writer?

6 Love notes:

  1. but the food you captured really look delicious!!!!! :(((

    1. The next time you come, I will bring you here :)

  2. i'll teach you a little writing if you'll show me how you take those amazing photos of yours ;-)
    next time you're in holland let me know, i live there!

    1. Shannon!!
      you're a great great writer, you don't know how much I wish I could write like you. You really need to teach me a little writing, give me a little tips, lend me a few books to read maybe.

      I will meet you soon :)
      Always glad that we met last year.

  3. wow!!! Amazing photos and that place really does look gorgeous! I envy you! ;)

    1. Aww thank you! :)
      Yes that place is gorgeous, loving all these cafes!



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