Toasts with Nutella

July 30, 2012

I find myself scrolling through lots of food blogs and recipe websites these days, looking for the simplest and perfect meal to prepare for the family, but it seems impossible to find something simple if you want something nice. And I'm just too lazy. I don't even remember when's the last time I had toasts with Nutella at home, Nutella simply goes with everything. The first two toasts I made this morning ended up in the dustbin because they were already overly black when I went back to them after cutting the apples.

If I ever cook or make something wonderful that requires lots of time and effort for breakfast or brunch, one of the main reasons must because they're so photogenic I want to create them so I could document and photograph the beauty myself. That's always, always a huge motivation to hand-make something nice - so I could take photos of them.

One more week till the school to reopen. 3-month holidays are almost over. Can't believe it.

2 Love notes:

  1. They sure do look yummy! :) And I just love licking Nutella right off the bottle! :D It's so yummmmy!!!

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