First Male Model Shoot

July 22, 2012

People who are my facebook friends or instagram followers might have known that I just did my first male model fashion editorial shoot yesterday! I was awfully stressed the few days before it, for the location, the lighting set-up, the model, the concept, and even the weather! 

Here are some behind the scenes, I shouldn't tell too much about the theme of the shoot yet 
until they're published online, so please stay tuned! 

Gorgeous Swedish model, Magnus (from Upfront models), he has beautiful eye colour and perfect skin! Was extremely glad that he was willing to do different poses and movement according to his own interpretation of the art direction we gave. Next to him is the one who put in a lot of effort to this shoot too - the stylist + model's assistant, Azawi David! Beside is Cornelyus who was kind enough to come and help out! A few other friends also woke up early to come over, helped me with the lighting, carried things for me, gave useful suggestions, feedback and lots of mental support, really appreciate it! :)

The more I shoot, the more I realized how different fashion photography is as compared to all the others. When it comes to fashion, photography isn't only about the angle and composition anymore. You need to 
  1. look for the mood of the photos 
  2. figure out what's wrong with the photographs that couldn't express what you want it to give to the audience 
  3. constantly check if the clothes, hair and make up look great in the photographs because that's what you're selling 
  4. learn to direct and communicate with the models during the shoot to let them know what exactly you want to get the best result (I'm bad in this, when I shoot I sometimes get so engrossed I forget to talk to the model - that's what my friend told me, I realized how important that is). 
Fashion photography also isn't like wedding, it requires a lot of plannings and collaboration with make up artists, hair stylists, stylists to loan/borrow suitable clothes for you etc. These are all new to me but I enjoy the process of learning very much, I love knowing new people so yay! :)

Really thankful for the opportunities given, and also the people who have lifted me up along the way.
Things I thought were impossible 2 years ago now become possible! :)

1 Love notes:

  1. Ying.. They are still got a lot of things you should learn in Fashion photography, you should ask the *subject*(model) which side is your comfortable side.. Because everyone of us sure got one side is more comfortable one,so that when model pose he/she won't feel uncomfortable if you call him to stand on he/her comfortable side :)

    Hehehe.. Anyway,I wish to catch up with you one day and we share our skill to each another :) Cheers!

    *All the best*

    Best regrat
    Mervin :)



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