The Coffee Nations

February 27, 2011

This cafe is not too near from where my sister and I were staying (not too far either). We went to this cafe in Singapore not only to have our lunch but to do our works and most importantly my sister told me that there's wifi over there so we can access to the internet with our laptops as well (yay). It was really really funny when we tried to access to the internet with our laptops and cellphones excitedly after ordering our food  but we failed to find any wifi connection. I laughed and blamed my sister because we felt that we were cheated to such a far cafe from our home mainly to get a wifi connection when there wasn't any hahaha :P

Then we decided to do our works instead of facebooking all the time so I took out my drawing book to draw things on the table as my workshop homework. It was the first time I sat down for so long (about 3 and a half hours) to draw quietly after I stopped my drawing class at the age of 13. It feels quite good to just sit comfortably and draw very very slowly, detailedly and drink your tea relaxedly without the need to rush. 

Before we went back, my sister attempted to draw me AGAIN and I think it was better than the previous one (although it still doesn't look like me!) :P Oh I think my sister and I are cool sisters aren't we ;)

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