A day strolling in KLCC

March 5, 2011

I'll let all the photos speak.

Had lunch in the cafe of Kinokuniya Book Store with my best friend and then had one and a half hour shopping in the awesome book store. There were so many interesting books that I wish I could own. Ended up buying a huge photography book :)

How can you not like Starbucks?
love taking photos of all the random stuffs around me and be like a traveler all the time.

7 Love notes:

  1. i like kinokuniya too...
    too many things to explore there...

  2. woot i see the necklace. did you try caramel frappuccino?

  3. yup it's really huge and there are so many books that i can't find in any other book stores. the best thing is that there are about 5 racks of photography books? and like 8 for graphic design, and fashion etc etc :)

    Oh mel! haha I was wondering what necklace when I first read your comment. yup my fav necklace from NZ :P ah nah, I don't think i have been to starbucks for more than 10 times :( sad right. be proud that you're all from KL ler :P is that nice? i'll try that next week then ;)

  4. oh no,really nice your pic.
    you use photoshop edit your pic colour,how you do?teach me,can?

  5. Oh hey! thanks a lot! I'm so glad you like them :)
    Well yup I use photoshop all the time to edit my photos and tone but I don't really have a specific way to edit the tone, seriously. They all depend on the mood you want to create and sometimes it could be too dark or too light or too yellowish that you have to adjust yourself. But perhaps you can google with the keywords "photoshop vintage/retro tone tutorial" and I'm pretty sure there will be tons of them! because that was how i learned toning too! after you try to do a lot of toning, then slowly you'll try to adjust the curves yourself and you'll be surprised by the results! sometimes i try adjusting the curve and i was amazed by the results, i mean, they were exactly what i wanted but i didn't know how to, sometimes it just happens when you start to understand the curve :)

  6. oh....thankss so much for your teaching.hope you can take more pic and you can teach or share with people how edit your nice photo at yr blog.^^

  7. there's something about klcc park that reminds me of new zealand. its so calm and serene. i love people watching. do you? haha



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