Penang (First Day)

February 25, 2011

My brother was going to have his marriage registration with his girlfriend wife in Penang on Valentine's Day 2011. So my family and I went over there one day earlier.

My sister - We were asked if we are twins sometimes although she's 6 years elder than me.
Reached there and we were welcomed by my brother's girlfriend's family :) then we were sent to the hotel we booked earlier to check in.
After we put everything in the hotel, immediately they fetched us to the famous Gurney Drive in Penang to have our lunch. It was about 4pm and it was extremely hot, the temperature was killing me. Mind you, we had our lunch on the hawker stalls so there wasn't any air-conditioner. Anyway, we had a nice time eating nearly every famous food in Penang that evening.
And then we went to have a little bit quick and short shopping before heading back to the hotel.
My sister is an extreme ice-cream lover so we had some quite-expensive ice-cream from an Italian ice-cream shop nearby. Chocolate-mint would forever be my favorite flavor :) After having a little bit break and resting in the hotel, we then went to have our dinner (when we still hadn't felt hungry yet :P)
Then my mum took out the necklace and bracelets that my parents had bought for her as a present for their marriage registration :)
Their family was so friendly that they then brought us to Straight Quay to view the decorations over there and have a walk.
 Brother #2 with his girlfriend :)
Weary eyes in the lobby of the hotel.
Finally we headed back to hotel, and sleep? No, I played cards with my brother, his girlfriend and my sister until we were tired and sleep :)

4 Love notes:

  1. what is my photo doing there? n u didn't even help ps it so that i hv better skin n lips! LOL!

    and it's straits quay not straights quay...

  2. oh I have totally forgotten that I said I would PS that pic until you mentioned it now! i think it looks quite good already! :P
    omg really, i remember that i've actually checked it online but then i still typed it wrongly when i was editing that damn it. going to change it then~

  3. te way you edit your pics are great and you are very talented..greetings faiz nordin :)

  4. @faiz_nordin:
    thank you! im glad you like them! :D



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