A day helping in the school canteen

February 23, 2011

Best friend helps her mum in the school canteen these weeks and since I have nothing to do in the morning these days, I volunteered to help them out the next day when she said that sometimes she'd not be able to do everything when there are too many students buying drinks (she was instructed to sell the drinks). Well but the job is not only selling but also putting all the ices into every cup, pouring the orange juices into each cup, closing every cup with the covers, inserting straws into each cup, and then sell. Sometimes people want juices with no ice or less ice and then she has to do one for them etc. I brought my camera today so I took some photos quickly because I think it'd be kind of interesting? :P Obviously I love taking photos of small things around myself more than people sometimes. 
Sometimes I think photography helps me to notice and appreciate little things around me more.
Although they don't pay me anything, they just say thank you but that could just make my day because we feel good when we can help, it's undeniable. Plus it's happy to chat with all the workers in the canteen, they're all really friendly and humorous ;) Sometimes I think it's pretty cool to do stuffs like this together with friends.

3 Love notes:

  1. whn you go again tell me bar k?I yu shi ge jue ler :(

  2. Are you Sara?
    Oh okie dookie, today ler my mum forced me to go because she was going to the award ceremony of hui choon and then she wants me to help her to take photos after the ceremony so i helped in the canteen for a while only >.< you mana ada yu shi ge jue? last few days just saw nelson them ma :D if i din go you also can go and help geh, aunties will always welcome you if you want to! :)

  3. haha ... a very good experience. Do you mean of helping on taking photos only at Canteen? Because you are mentioned "helped in the canteen for a while only" wow!



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