How does it come?

February 22, 2011

So I build up another blog again (yupe, again) because I find out that tumblr isn't too suitable to be used to post traveling diaries or something too personal because it's where many teenagers and I find inspirational photos, pictures, quotes etc so basically a lot of people will be following you because you post nice stuffs or personal thoughts that people might agree. So it becomes quite weird to post entries which are more on my life, my daily life which I think only my friends and family would be interested. In tumblr I always choose my best or most meaningful photos to post so people could reblog them. but here in blogspot I'll just post whatever I have taken in a trip and record down everything very detailedly. Basically I want to make this my photo diary.

So welcome to my blog and you'll be seeing a lot of photos of food and places and my family and you'll be reading all about my daily life and what I do. I'm trying to collect all the beautiful moments in my life by my photographs and words. Enjoy your stay.

2 Love notes:

  1. Hope you will share more of your photography at here.

  2. @爱尔兰咖啡:
    Oh hey your comment kind of surprised me! I still didn't expect anyone to leave a comment here :P
    yupe I will definitely post more photos here but they'd be pretty random so be ready :P



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