A mail from London

February 22, 2011

So I received a flickr-mail from an agency in London a few days ago. The lady told me that they like my photographs and they are currently looking for Malaysia-based photographers to work with them for their client - Maxis. (The name "Maxis" gave me a big shock.) And then she asked if I'd be free this Thursday so they can meet me up in the capital when they come over to Malaysia. This email was a total surprise for me! I had never thought of doing big projects like this so soon. I appreciate that very, very much. Anyway everything is still unsure yet so I shouldn't be too happy. I'll meet them up in KLCC this Thursday with my friends and show them my portfolio. Hopefully they'll like my photographic style and I can work with them on the photo-shoots for Maxis! It will be a dream comes true.

Please wish me luck! Will update more about this after I meet up with them :)

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  1. Wish you luck ^^ Hope your dream comes true.

  2. Wish you luck!It's a one in a million opportunity..grab it!but do be careful..

  3. Thanks to both of you!
    yupe I myself feel really really lucky that they saw my works online! yea my parents do worry a little bit but I'll bring my friend with me so I think everything would be good! :)

    btw, CK, may I know which CK are you? :P

  4. wow!! good luck to u!! ^^

  5. Good Luck yea! wahaha famous ady , dun forget have me this friend. My wedding Portrait must have one Professional photographer right?! u cannot run le har :P Booking from now ^^ Jiayou! Wish u everythng 順順利利 ! Sorry ya ,[HAPPY CNY ]< now say i think its too late le bar? XD haha~
    the 2 week of CNY , i have my final exam ~ even 拜年 also Miss~ saD ! feel sad for 2011 new year XD long time no see u le~ if free find me yc k? 0166071884 < stay leng ya ! xD hangyi here~~

  6. Good Luck to you. Wish your dream come true.
    Anyway, i am agreed with CK's comment. Do be carefully.

  7. Thanks to everyone!
    yupe so I'm going tomorrow, we'll see how is it and I will tell you all here! :)

    OH PLEASE HOW COULD I FORGET YOU?! no way! :) I have never forgotten how kind were you and how hard did you help me when I was taking part in the photography contest last year! thanks a lot! same to you! ALL THE BEST :D



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