First Typography Work

February 9, 2012

Exactly one month ago, I posted a short post (here) about a project that I was going to start doing.
After a few of sleepless nights, I finally finished the project! Yay.
It started from planning, generating ideas, sketching, designing, drawing, painting, scanning,
editing till printing! Finally I'm done with itttttt.

The poem I ended up choosing is called Destination from John Flanagan.
Blue below her and blue above
she moves out smooth
with only the smallest white objections
and goes about her business,

i watch her bulk to speck
and stow away in her figment,
sunset aft, moon on bow,
spray to spice intention,

what reefs and capes she rounds,
which harbour’s pleased to see her
set down her great red boxes,

a place i used to call
or somewhere yet to feel,
Bombay or Valparaiso.

F for flags and G for sea gull. 
L for 浪(wave) while M for morning.
R for reefs!
Some sketching and planning before the actual works.

Haven't been blogging for too long! Hmm how has 2012 been? I did my assignment until 7 in the morning and then woke up at 7.45am to school for the first time, then I slept at 8pm that night until 6.30 in the morning! Really unhealthy, you can easily tell that when you look at my face now. Pimples and dark eye circles prove it. Went to shoot a Dutch model for the first time together with Ivan (thank youuu!) but then don't have time to edit the photos these days :( New project's coming! I might be doing a magazine. Hope it'd be something I'll be proud of! :)

sister is going to Tioman island tomorrow for a diving course and she'll only be back on the 15th. I want to go with her so badly, but then school has only started for a few weeks, i shall be patient and work harder now cuz I'll be having a veryyyy long sem break on May (till July).

Alright I've been slacking for hours. Should go back to doing my homework again.

Hope life has been treating everyone well.

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