Thank God It's Friday!

February 25, 2012

Today was such a nice day! Had enough fun and good laugh :)

Solo lunch at coffee bean. Banana muffin! I was feeling extremely fat after eating the muffin.

Then I went to school and was so happy to see that Sam bought all of us cupcakes!
Each cupcake costs about $3. Not cheap. It's really sweet of her! 

In case you're wondering why she suddenly bought us cupcakes,
it's because it's the last class we'd be having together before we're being separated according to our specialisms next term. 
We'll still be having a few classes together but 90% of the time we'd be having different classes already :(
Kinda scared thinking about being in a new class with new people again.
These people have been really fun to be with! :)
Just when we all started to be really close to each other, then they're gonna separate us :(

The only class photo we have so far!
With Sam's cupcakes in our hands!
I suppose I look the most excited heh.

Nerissa was stressed cuz of the academic essay that we're doing,
to make her feel better we decided to go and eat something nice!
Food always makes us happy! hehe.
After that we had some Shih-Lin snacks too. Yum.

Then Nerissa said that she needed to buy a dress for her grandma's birthday celebration
(which is actually just an excuse to buy a new dress haha)
so we went shopping together (for the first time I think?)
We also bumped into Gab with her boyfie in H&M!
We had so much fun together! Since the ladies wear's fitting rooms in H&M were too crowded we went all the way to the 3rd floor 
for the fitting rooms of men's wear to try the clothes and walked to each other's fitting rooms after trying each clothes 
though there were people queuing outside. Windy and I who didn't plan to be buying clothes ended up buying some knitted wear too! 
Nerissa didn't buy any dress in the end but spent them buying numerous over-sized knitted tops, cardigans and boxers for his dad. lol.

H&M has got a nice shopping bag >:D
Intagram photos taken by Windy.
All in all, spending money on nice food and clothes does make us happy T.T
Just think today was quite an eventful and happy day so I blog about it.
Hope everyone would be having a nice weekend :)

2 Love notes:

  1. Those cupcakes look like they were a yummy treat!

    1. They are!! :)
      it's really sweet of my friend to bought all of us cupcakes!



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