13rd of Feb

February 14, 2012

Pen drawing.
Stayed in Subway alone for hours yesterday to do my drawing homework.
Good music + enjoy doing what you love + Subway cookies = good day.
One of my biggest wishes is to draw beautiful faces beautifully. haha. More practices! 

Anyway today was quite a... well not entirely good day, because there're a lot more works to be done by next monday for 3D! :( But it was quite a fun day at the same time. My friends and I were sitting on the Campus Green in our college during the break, doing our assignment, talking, laughing, and some people actually came and took photo together with us. I like how Lasalle always attracts the tourists' attention when they pass by, they'd always stop by and take a photo with it, and I like how Lasalle is open for the public to visit all the time, because you know, I just have this weird obsession of seeing and talking to tourists and strangers. haha. 

Two students from SMU also came to us and asked us to draw/write/photograph/sketch about some characters or something (I'm not too sure. It's a..survey? or their project). I could see that they were very impressed and delighted to see all my friends' drawings (though it only took 5 mins for each of them to sketch). So proud of my classmates! :)

Then when I was having dinner with Windy and Nerissa just now, apparently they were speaking Bahasa to each other since I can also understand, the guy who was sitting at the next table (I kept peeking at his green curry when we were eating cuz it looked so yummy!), in his working attire, asked Windy if she had a piece of paper and a pen when Nerissa and I went to order our tomyum (haha), Windy gave him, we continued talking then (Nerissa was trying to peek what he's writing! haha). After a while he returned the pen to Windy, and then passed us the paper with his name and handphone number on it, and we were like 'huh? o.o'. So...he asked if anyone's interested in teaching him Bahasa, can call and contact him by that number, and walked away. I was still stunned when he's gone. hahah. 

And Nerissa told us that before we started our class just now a guy from the foundation suddenly stood up when she was walking past and introduced himself to Nerissa by holding out his hand. For some reason it's just funny :P

I think today was quite an interesting day so I blogged about it. 
I'm actually sleepy and still having quite many homework waiting to be done,
yet I'm sitting in front of my computer blogging. hehe.
Oh and it's Valentine's day tomorrow! I'll spend mine rushing assignments anyway.
Ah but of course I'm gonna celebrate it with the love of my life - nice fooooood. hahah.
would be having a nice meal (hopefully cakes!) with my amazing friends after school tomorrow :9

Hope everyone would be having a sweet valentine's day tomorrow,
and always being loved and blessed :)

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