Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2011

It's Halloween! To be honest, I have never celebrated Halloween, never. I only watched about Halloween in the movies and internet and cartoons and know a little about "trick or treat" and the craved pumpkins. I secretly wish people practise "trick or treat" here - where children in costumes travel from house to house in order to ask for treats like candy or tricks, which is really cool isn't it! But nah I don't think it's nice to do it here in Asia :( Well people here do wear different interesting costumes from different characters and go party and clubbing etc but I'm sure the meaning of this festival has slowly been changed these years.

Since my sister and I had no plans during the weekend, we decided to go to Clarke Quay to have a look because usually a lot of activities would be held over there. But hmm we don't have anything fancy to wear! (as usual haha) We checked online and realized the time for the event to start was about 9 to 10pm so we went somewhere else for dinner first.

We had salad buffet, my sis and I each had 3 full plates of different salads and nachos. heheh we loveeeee food!

It's the first time I went to Clarke Quay, but I knew that it's famous of all these bars and clubs and night life.
So when we reached Clarke Quay...

we met a nutcracker, a werewolf, and a...tree. hahah
Check out who we met afterwards!

And I also bumped into...

Davy Jones! haha I was actually scared to stand near him.

Apparently the bride didn't look so happy cuz you see, I'm so much taller than her >:D hahah

And this is epic! We were standing there watching the live band performing, the girl on stage shouted "Put your hands up!" and then people put their ... legs up too. haha 

It actually felt quite nice to occasionally come out to this kind of noisy and crowded places with the music banging all the time. Although I didn't really dress up or join those people dancing and jumping around, I still enjoyed myself (:

This morning during classes there were actually quite a number of students who dressed up really nicely, there're Alice in the wonderland, the little red riding hood, boxer, Black swan, Dora the explorer, some dead school girls and so on. Apparently my class is one of the most boring classes cuz we didn't dress up :P We're all nerds and geeks haha.

It was about 12am but it felt like it's during lunch hour cuz everyone was still walking and strolling around enthusiastically and Burger King was full! Mrt station was crowded too!

Some photos from my phone,

and Happy Halloween everyone!

We're cool right!

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  1. Omg are you serious!! O_O
    how did u manage to find yourself here!! lol.
    hahaha awkward ttm.

  2. ohh you googled it.
    nice .__. (Y)



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