A Day At The Art Museum

October 8, 2011

Yesterday was such an exhausting but joyful day. Friends were planning to visit Dali - Mind of a Genius - the art exhibition of Salvador Dali's works because they might be talking about this exhibition for the coming group presentation. I wrote about one of Dali's most famous works for my assignment that day but I didn't know too much about him, actually.

Originally I wasn't going because my group isn't doing about this artist's works. Windy put a huge smile on her face and said "Come, kahying comeeee, pleaseeeeee" with her puppy eyes. Oh how can I resist this! I gave in. "Urg alright. You. Force me to waste my money and time." And we both smiled.
Now I'm so glad that I went there with them, it's really really good! We had tons of fun!

It's held at ArtScience Museum, the lotus-shaped building at the left. 

The signature melting clock of Dali's works outside the museum.

I like this, because I saw my birth date. Haha honestly I see 84 or 48 nearly everyday, everywhere.

"Woman aflame"
The flame seems to have a life of their own and represents the concealed intensity of unconscious desires, while the drawers represents the unknown of hidden secrets. The faceless female symbolizes all women as though a woman's beauty laid in her mystery. 

His works are full of symbolism and hidden meanings. I thought Dali's only a surrealist painter, didn't know that he did sculpture and was so good in using all kinds of mediums. There are over 250 works of his, mostly paintings and sculpture, I only took photos of the sculptures.

"Space Venus"

The clock is draped over the neck to give us two opposing messages: the beauty of the flesh is temporary and will vanish, while beauty of art is timeless and eternal. Dali often referred to dual themes such as hard and soft - like the melting clock, eternal and temporary, dream and reality.

"Homage to Fashion"

What is her hair made from? The surreal figure is the symbol of fashion, while the man kneeling in front in front of her is paying homage to her beauty and elegance. The feminine figure is like a muse, a source of inspiration.

"Woman of Time"

Everytime I stand very close to these sculptures or statues, I'd feel something like... fear, because they are so real that I start imagining them moving. But I like to experience this feeling so much that I purposely stand and look at them very closely, knowing that they actually won't move. Don't you think they look like they're just posing, like they can actually move. Or maybe it's because I watched too much movies. lol

"Man with Butterfly"

"Alice in Wonderland" on left.  

On left it's "Dali & Gala", he and his wife. How sweet!

"Leda Chair"
I really like this set of furniture! so artistic.

"Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings."

Ahh these distorting mirrors are so fun to play with! :p

Went for dinner afterwards. Friends were so inspired that they just wanted to start drawing and painting and creating. While we were eating they started taking out whatever they had - drawing sketchbook, color pencils, pens etc and start drawing random things. Windy and I started joining them after eating. Random to the max.

Haha doing this was fun. Each of us chose a color pencil with different colors, four of us drew each corner for 10 seconds and we rotated the book and continued drawing the other corners with whatever we feel like to draw. Can you find our names inside? Haha. Doesn't look very nice but it's really fun. Epic.

And then we saw 3 men playing guitars,walking around so the 2 guys decided to draw them. Gab and Kevin have very different styles in drawing, indeed. The colors and everything else don't make sense though. We just couldn't stop drawing and coloring. Haha.

The color pencils that died for us.

Went to BurgerKing afterwards to eat, again. And went home at about 10.30pm. The very crowded Mrt.

We had so much fun! Well the moment we say "yes" to having fun outside, we're saying "no" to homework. Ahh and tonight I'll be meeting friends from hometown for dinner and movie. I need to start working now. And yay sister is coming back home tomorrow, which also means 5 weeks have past! hmm life's gooood (:

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  1. i like yours random drawing!!! that's really cool and nice and fun!!
    so everything can be art!!

  2. wonderful sculptures.
    nice post.
    thank you
    manoj vengola,kerala,india



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