Sister was going back to Malaysia yesterday right after her work so I went to her workplace to have lunch with her. She talks a lot about her workplace, and always says that there are a lot of nice and expensive food over there so I went there to have a look. Well she's right, it felt so weird because it seemed like I was the only teenager walking around there, the hundreds of people passed by me were all in formal attire.

So we went to Din Tai Fung for lunch. The restaurant is quite spacious yet there were a lot of people queuing outside. We waited for about 20 minutes (and it's actually pretty fast because my sister said she and her colleagues waited for 40 mins the other day. And we only have 2 person so it's easier.)

I think my dad will like the food here. Next time when my parents come we'll definitely bring them here. The dish of the first photo doesn't look nice but trust me it is nice! (:

Our obsession - bubble milk tea!
Sister said it's her enemy because it's really fattening. But we just can't help it. hehehe.

My sister and I used to have the same hairstyle - long straight hair with fringe. (but she also had a short bob like what I'm having now last time) and same clothing style (now she's working so...yeah. haha). Finally we both don't look so same now! :p

The scarily huge art school in Singapore.

Was walking back home alone and I came across this very interesting and pretty scene. I think it's beautiful.

You know what, I just realize all the social websites sometimes create a lot of stress to me. I literally can't believe what I'm saying now but yes they really do. All in a sudden I feel like to deactivate my facebook, formspring and email. I'm stuck in something negative in the past - what people said and did, and my mind is constantly working and trying to make them up. They cause me to fail directing my focus to the present moment and something better instead. At least now, neither of these sites is open (usually they are ALWAYS always there. I never close them.) All the tabs are now some incredible illustrators' blogs, am so amazed and inspired by people's works, and it feels nice to be completely focused on reading what they say, studying their artworks, observing etc. Usually I'd be too busy facebooking so I'd tend to read the other things vaguely. Now it feels really nice to get rid of all these.
And stay focused.

This week is gonna be a really tiring week I suppose, because my group would be the first for a group presentation, and really a lot a lot a lot of homework to be doneeeeee! It's scary solely thinking about how much I have to do.

Ah I can do it i can do it i can do it! (:

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  1. It's my enemy not just coz its fattening, it also brings discomfort to my stomach...

    May I know if the photos are edited? I look good in the first pic! I thought I would look miserable..

  2. ying. that art school is Laselle?!!

  3. Staying focused. I like that, though sometimes it's a bit tough. But I guess as long as you knw what you want to achieve, you'll be able to do it. :)

    Btw, what is the font you used for the last photo? I like all the fonts you've used for your photos, where did you find them? Hehehe. I'm so random. XP

  4. @jiejie:
    haha i totally forgot about that already :P

    and no, i didnt edit your face, i just edited the lighting and tone. hahah i took a few and think u look the best in this :P

    haha noooo. this is SOTA - school of the arts. it's not a university, it's a secondary school if i'm not mistaken, really really big x_x

    Lasalle looks like this:,_Singapore_-_20080620.jpg


    yeah i like the phrase so much too (:
    everytime when im distracted i'd remind myself abt it.

    and yes the fonts are beautiful right (:
    I got all of them here:
    im sure you'll loveeeee them! (:

  5. I love the way you express your feelings, keep writing blog :)



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