If I Die Young

November 5, 2011

a penny for my thoughts, oh no I'll sell 'em for a dollar 
they're worth so much more after I'm a goner 
and maybe then you'll hear the words that I've been singin' 
its funny when you're dead how people start listenin'
Sometimes I wonder how many people would regret for not saying what they wanted to say, not doing what they think they should have done, if I were dead. If you're going to die tomorrow and everyone knows it, there'd be an immense difference. But why wait? people always wait until it's too late.
Funny when you're dead how people would start appreciating your presence.
But it doesn't matter anymore, cuz you're gone.
Come to think of it, maybe I'm one of them too. Human.

2 Love notes:

  1. yeah i love this song too! (:
    at 1st when i saw the title and the youtube thumbnail i thought it'd be some kind of rock music but it turned out to b nice! n they 3 are siblings!



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