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April 29, 2011

If you read the previous post of mine, you should have known that I went to Singapore last week together with my bestie to walk around. I promised her to travel to some other countries with her if she gets good results for her SPM. This day finally reached. after we got our SPM results we started to do some research for the air tickets prices and some attractions in the countries nearby/Malaysia. I actually hoped we could travel there by airplane because it would be the first time for Nancy to step into an airplane! that'd be awesome if I'd be there with her for the first time she gets into an airplane and share her happiness and excitement together. We thought about some local attractions as well - Langkawi, Sabah, Kuching etc and Thailand, but then we realize we cant speak thai and it'd be a little bit difficult for us to communicate with the people there, but well most importantly there are only both of us and our parents think that to travel to these places alone without any other guys with us would be a little bit dangerous :O then we thought about the new Universals Studio in Singapore that we haven't visited and always wanted to visit so we decided to come over here, plus it's SO safe and convenient here, nothing much to worry about :P

My sister has always been my best tour guide in Singapore. After all she was the one who brought me to Marche, The Coffee Nations and Strictly Pancakes. And this time, my sister brought Nancy and me to The Mind Cafe, the cafe with widest collection of boardgames in Singapore.

The number of boardgames they have there is pretty scary, really. There are way too many boardgames that I haven't seen and heard about! And it's never going to be a quiet place to be because people there are most likely to shout and scream and laugh out loud all the time. We were greedy and we grabbed 5 boardgames at once but it ended up that we only managed to play one of them - Clue Harry Potter. It was the first time for all of us to play that. It took some time for us to learn playing it but it was quite fun! (:

I really like all these creative restaurants. haha please note that the rule highlighted is "Do not cry." :p
And I quite like this. read it, would you? Too bad there were only 3 of us! I bet it'd be so much funner if you come here with a lot of buddies! Doing all these stupid and silly stuff together would be really fun! (:
Don't ask me why I upload this. I like it exactly because my eyes aren't there haha.
I'm pretty sure I'll come back here again one day later with a lot more friends!

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  1. 你的照片拍的非常美,请问可以告诉我你拍照的心得吗?你大多数在哪里参考有关摄影的东西,可以分享吗?我也是爱摄影的发烧友,哈哈。:)

  2. this is the first time i've heard of a cafe with a concept like this! it looks really fun! just by reading the signs, the overall mood is humorous and warm.

    lovely pictures, as always! :)

  3. @Anon: 谢谢你 (: 拍照的心得?其实用言语字体真的表达不出来。一直以来我都是上网自学 photoshop 及参考一些有关摄影的文章的。不过有时到书局还是忍受不了诱惑,买了些杂志回来翻阅参考哈哈。摄影没有rules,没有可以或不可以,我一直用心拍,试着用照片告诉你们背后的故事,试着用照片记录当时对四周的感动。很庆幸你们都喜欢 (:

    @Joany: Hey there! haha yeah that's undeniable! And I just viewed your blog + your 365 & 52 weeks projects! I like them very very much! Some time ago I thought about starting either of the project but I guess i just don't have the persistence to complete them :( you're doing well, please do not stop posting! (:

  4. ^ RE: thanks for viewing my blog and projects! I had always wanted to do the 365 project but never got around to doing it until this year. I haven't been trying very hard for it yet :( but thank you for your encouragement! I really appreciate it!



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