Mother's Day Lunch at Kensington, Seremban

May 10, 2011

Lemme talk a little bit about my mum first. there's a formspring question that asked "What do you most appreciate about your mom?" I can't choose. There are too many things that I appreciate about my mum.
She never complains. let it be waking up at some weird time (extremely early in the morning) to fetch me to the train station, or fetching me to somewhere far away and then coming back alone, or going out to buy what i want to eat/buy immediately etc. she never complains. never.

when i'm oversea or not at home, she'd always be the one who calls before she sleeps or whenever she thinks of me, or texts me and asks how's everything going on, with the phrase 'i love you' at the end of the message. sometimes the phone call might last for only 30 seconds, but i feel safe listening to her voice, feel loved talking to her.

everytime i take part in any competition, she'd try her best to turn out even if it's far. but she's always afraid that i'd be nervous seeing her watching so when i was having public speaking competition, she always came and sat among the audience but didn't look at me, she stayed quiet, listened to me when i was speaking and looked at ... the floor. lol haha.

and i appreciate that my parents don't force us to do anything we don't like. both mum and dad. i appreciate this a lot. and i mean A LOT.
This year we managed to celebrate this meaningful day together. Sister and my second elder brother came back home 1 day earlier before Mother's Day, while my sister-in-law came back to KL from Penang 1 day earlier too! I forgot if my sister came back from Singapore for the past few years :/ We've heard brother and my 2nd elder brother's girlfriend recommending this restaurant so we decided to come here and try it out.

Usually we'd have bought a cake but this year we didn't. And dad has already told us that we were going to buy mum a new high-tech handphone, because this year she's going to be the Lions Club president so she'll need to check mail and stuff quite often. for your information, my mum isn't a modern mum :p she prefers writing everything on papers than typing them into the computer. She only started learning to use computer and internet last year. And she's getting so much better now, at least she can do all the online-payment by herself without the need to shout at me and ask what should she do again. Dad was thinking to buy mum an iPhone4 but some of us think it's not a good idea. My mum had always been using some old phones because they're user-friendly, huge font size, simple and just easy. Plus her eyesight isn't too good so she always wants the font size to be big. So my siblings started discussing and doing some researches about different phones with different sizes and features to make sure that we buy the right one for our mum!

After the lunch, we instantly went to the shopping mall nearby and try out the phones that were in our list. We think that the size of an iPhone4 is way too small for mum, but the size of an iPad is way too big to carry around with her! So we tried the one with the size between an iPhone and iPad. We tried the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Surprisingly mum likes it! And she doesn't seem to have too many problems using it. The size of it is perfect for mum to read all the mails and it's quite user-friendly.

Happy Mother's Day, mum! We loveeeeeeeeee you! 

3 Love notes:

  1. The pictures are so lovely! :')

  2. wow your mom is a lion club president? that's pretty awesome! I was a Leo club member when I was in high school so hearing about the lion clubs around the world make me kinda excited.

    Also, your description of your mom is really sweet and your family was so kind to have thoughtfully picked out the perfect gift. I think it was a nice choice! If my mom ever decides her ipod touch is too small to use, I will suggest the galaxy tab to her too!



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