Queen & Mangosteen

September 2, 2012

I didn't intent to make this a food post, but I realized all the photos were taken at the restaurant. It was Windy's birthday yesterday - she's one of the very first friends I knew during foundation in LASALLE,  we were classmates. Slowly she became my go-to companion to have lunch, dinner, watch movies, IT fair... nearly everything. Can't believe it's only been a year! Now she's in interior design while I'm in fashion. One thing you need to know about her is, she can stand not eating and sleeping for 2 days, superwoman. 

Anyway, what attracted us into Queen & Mangosteen was actually the name of the dessert - Kate & William's Royal Wedding Dessert. how cool it is? It was quite a refreshing way to end a meal - fresh berries served with vanilla sauce, whipped cream and Grand Marnier (which is a kind of liqueur, if you're wondering) The restaurant has a relaxed setting with beautiful night view of Sentosa, it's a good place for people to have casual conversations after a long week at work. Oh it's located at VivoCity. The chocolate cake isn't from the restaurant, it's from Awfully Chocolate, bought by another friend of Windy :)

After the dinner, we watched The Expandable 2. Finally! I've heard a few comments about the movie - gun shots, gun shots, more gun shots. But it turned out to be much better and entertaining than what I expected, I had a good laugh in the cinema. haha.

Although I think I have pretty much works to do, I chose to spend half the day going out to celebrate her birthday. When in doubt, I always ask myself "what would the perfect person you wanna meet do if she meets this kind of situation?" I couldn't bear to see someone I care to be sad or bored during their birthdays, I can imagine how that'd feel... (although some people would say - 'nah it's ok! it's just another day! your work is more important!') we are young and we all want to have a good time during our birthdays. well homework is dead, but human isn't, human has feelings. haha funny that even a small thing requires an inner battle of my mind & heart. But well, when your small acts make people's day, and it's being appreciated, everything is suddenly worth it. Sometimes I pay and buy tissue papers from the old women/men on streets just to see their smile, it feels good :)

All in all, it was a good Saturday, and a good start of September. Now, I must go back to my overdue assignments.

p/s: since I can't describe things/food well, I thought it's a good idea to name the ingredients on the photos, it's also so much easier for people to understand. I kinda like it! what do you think about the text on the photos? are they too much? 

5 Love notes:

  1. they're really nice! :D Kind of like text book explanation, but works well! :)

  2. queen and mangosteen is <33333 their food's not so pricey, me likey!

  3. P.S. your songs are making me feel so emotional ;_;



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