Universal Studio, Singapore

May 22, 2011

Haha I started to feel like I'm a tour guide or something, introducing all these places and restaurants in Singapore. Well, I must say that I still prefer talking about them one by one here in my blogspot than uploading everything to facebook massively. Ohh and this is such a late post, have been really busy lately having driving lessons (yay I can drive legally now!), helping parents to do their works for their club magazine etc. Finally I'm about to finish typing my reference letters and stuff for my college scholarship application after procrastinating it for centuries ._.

Back to the topic, Universal Studio was one of the main reasons why Nancy and I decided to go to Singapore. Before we had our examination last year, we had been dreaming to go to some theme parks together and play like a kid! Everything was fine until we reached Vivo City, where we departed to Sentosa Island, because it started to drizzle. for your information, universal studio is an outdoor theme park! :( Oh well they do have some indoor restaurants and theaters. But the roller coasters and everything else are mostly outdoor.
After using up about an hour strolling in the shopping mall aimlessly, we decided not to waste our time hesitating anymore. Though it was drizzling, and it actually seemed like it would be raining heavier afterwards, we didn't really care anymore, we bought the tickets and headed to Universal Studio!
Ahh I'll let my photos to tell you how Universal Studio looks like, alright? I really really like the music they played, I felt so lively and bubbly and whateverly listening to the music, it's the music they usually play in the cartoons of fairy tales! Everything was so perfect.
This 4D film is great! You'll love it 8)
This is one of the restaurants inside the theme park. Obviously it's in the Jurassic Park part- The Lost World, though it actually reminded me of the movie "Night at the Museum" more :P We wanted to have our lunch here but there were TOO many people that all tables were already occupied. this restaurant is actually quite spacious :O
This is the Shrek restaurant, I think. It's just like another fast-food restaurant but it was flooded by people because it was raining outside! We waited a while for a table, and used up perhaps half an hour queueing up to buy our food ._. For your information, it was a weekday. So I don't recommend people to visit here during weekends haha. My mood went a lil bit bad because of the weather, so both my friends were the ones who queued up for half an hour to buy me the food, while what I needed to do was just to sit there and waited them to come with my food. Thanks a lot! I'm really sorry for the mood swing :(
When the rain started to stop a little bit, we quickly went out to play the outdoor roller coasters.
When the ancient Egypt statues meet modern roller coasters. haha and I must say that, these 2 roller coasters are really really fun! You'll need to play these, seriously. We were scared but we sort of forced ourselves to try everything since we had already paid for them. I'm not sure why but we got so high after we tried them 8)
And this is the New York City :p When I saw all these buildings I got really excited. You'd feel like you're not in Singapore anymore!
Aww, it's the renowned Marilyn Monroe (:
me: Hey! Let's do the same pose together!
Rudy: what?!
Countless of chocolate... papers! At the first sight we thought they were all real chocolates so we rushed in excitedly only to find out that the millions of chocolates above are only papers! >:( Actually they're quite obvious arent they. haha.
This dude did a damned good job in being childish like a small kid. And I'm not teasing, he's so good in talking and making people laugh! Oh and it's the Donkey show.

No i'm not going to say too much about it. You all should visit it and check out everything by yourself! (:
P/S: Sorry for the overloaded photos in this post! :O

3 Love notes:

  1. Congrats on being able to drive!
    I've never been to Universal Studios or Disneyland or any other theme park before! It looks like a huge place - lots of space to explore. *-*

  2. 我住在新山都还没去过Universal Studio。惭愧啊!看起来很好玩,可是也应该很贵,门票!



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