Privé, Keppel Bay

September 1, 2014

Realize I can never blog consistently, I either blog a few posts in a day or not blog at all for a long time. This month has been spent sending out many emails that are still unanswered, then I realize it's not as easy as I thought to find a full-time job. Though I'd very much prefer to do freelancing as what I am doing now, taking up different assignments, flexible timing... I have to get a full time job to serve the 3 years bond in Singapore. And they have a thing that a company must have x number of Singaporeans in order to hire foreigners, which makes it even harder for me because photography/design firms in Singapore are generally quite small. I've had people telling me "I'd love to employ you if I could! But we tried hiring foreigners and it's rejected." Kinda frustrating but it only makes me want to push myself even more to do something better.

So my life the past month... I'm either too free for a few days, have totally nothing to be done... just hanging around in Starbucks reading or doing post-processing, watching movies alone, or like the past 3 days - where I have to get up early for shoot/meeting different groups of friends, joining friends to go clubbing (after a very long time),  then getting up after barely enough of sleep for another shoot... Didn't even surf the net/facebook all that much, which is good! Feel like I have a life. haha

I think when I start blogging I tend to start ranting about my life, and don't think anyone is actually interested but I type them anyway... So I survived 4.5 hours of sleep last night and then a morning shoot after! I could feel my legs aching when I woke up - 'damn, why is it not raining so we could postpone the shoot a little...' hehe. But I got up and the moment I reached the location - Keppel Bay, I was so glad to be there. The weather was perfect, and it's quiet, not crowded like any other place in Singapore on a Sunday, which is absolutely perfect for me. Although I've been getting more and more tanned, I must admit I still love the sun.

And what's better to wrap a shoot than having good brunch at the bay (Privé Cafe) with great company and lots of laughter? Always blessed to be working with these lovely girls from Fashmob!

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