Pulau Tioman

August 8, 2014

Can't believe it's already August, has it only been 2 and a half months since I ended school? I was lucky to able to travel quite a bit this holidays, to Australia with my family, to Italy alone for a month, then to an island in Malaysia with my brother and his friend. Falling asleep under a coconut tree after a swim in the sea while the wind blew gently, spending hours chasing fishes in the sea, having amazing companies from different parts of the world while traveling in Italy, road trips, exchanging stories and jokes, having gelato every night after dinner while walking along the small alleys in Italy, being able to eat whatever you want without having to pay... very blessed. Except that now I have to get used to my much more tanned skin, and maybe the belly.

While I'm grateful to have had so much fun, so much time to rest, I can't wait to go back and start working, creating something, doing yoga again. Currently looking for a suitable job for myself. Hoping for the best!

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