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March 8, 2013

1/ Things I like  2/ Just me saying hi :)  3/ Beautiful places  4/ Food 

Haven't been blogging for quite a while, but I don't want this blog to die. I hadn't even finished uploading all the photos taken in South Africa, but I feel guilty spending too much time doing it when there are piles of school works to be done. Can't believe how fast time passes, half a sem is gone, just another 2 months and holidays will be here again. That also means I'd be done with my year 2 in LASALLE, I still feel so new to the whole fashion thing... but I must say I'm throughly enjoying what I'm doing, though sometimes a bit lost. Oh dear, and I'd hit 20 in exactly one month's time.

What I'm up to lately - besides school works, I applied for an apprenticeship programme organized by Noise Singapore where the successful apprentices would have the opportunity to take 10 mentoring sessions from industry professionals (in my case, professional photographers who take photos for magazines, brands, organisations etc) and have their works showcased at Singapore's Art Museum in July/August! I didn't expect much at first as there are hundreds of applicants but was surprised by the email that I was shortlisted by 3 out of 4 mentors that I picked! Feeling really lucky... Had 2 interviews last week and will have the last interview next week, fingers crossed that I'd make it! I'm certain it'd be an eye-opener to me! Wish me luck! :)

Anyway, if you want to follow up more about my life/photos, instagram might be better as I carry my phone wherever I go. So the 4 are the main things I post on instagram - things I like, beautiful places/interiors, yummy (and photogenic) food, and me! (trying to post more photos of myself nowadays)

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4 Love notes:

  1. it's good news you got selected! congrats! :)

  2. Good luck on securing a position! It sounds really exciting. Also, photogenic food is a wonderful wonderful thing.

    1. thanks!
      and yes im sure you noticed that too ;)



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