Black and White

March 10, 2013

I'm never a 'outfit of a day' person, but it starts to become common to take photos of what you wear everyday lately. So I try to do the same, still extremely awkward in front of the camera though... but I must say it's nice to have more photos of yourself (instead of just taking photos of other people - what I've been doing :p)

For the past month I was desperate for a backpack because I think the weight of my A3 sketchbooks and laptop would eventually break one of my shoulders (or my tote). Few days ago when I passed by Bershka and saw this, I immediately tried it on and paid within 10 minutes. I was that desperate. It is big enough, have quite a few pockets, and everyone knows about the black and white trend that's going on right now. I don't like wearing clothes that are too 'loud', but a statement bag would be good.

Now... time to get back to work! (on a Sunday, yes.)

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