New friend - Kindle

September 23, 2012

Meet my new friend - Kindle! I am quite certain that many of you are clueless about what Kindle is. At least for what I know, it's not so popular in Malaysia or Singapore. If you think it's a phone or pad, no, it's not. 

Kindle is an e-book reader. Why can't I read books from phones/pads if I want something convenient, you ask? 
  • Because Kindle offers something that neither phones or ipads could do - it uses e-ink electronic paper display that simulate reading on papers while not hurting your eyes. Unlike the usual display of phones which emit light, electronic paper displays reflect light like ordinary paper. I sometimes feel like we're all staring at weak light bulbs when we stare at our phone or computer screens, but it's not the same for Kindle. It is a lot more comfortable to read on it than conventional displays. 
  • Moreover, it allows you to store an enormous number of books in such a small device. While I love the idea of reading real books so much, sometimes it isn't very convenient for me to bring all of them everywhere.
  • It has built-in dictionaries (both U.S and U.K version the Oxford dictionary) that allow me to search the meanings of the words that I don't understand easily. There's no need to exit from the books you're reading to search the meanings, all you need to do is to move the cursor to the words you don't understand, a small window with the meanings will pop up. And if you want to read the full definition, you can, too. This is extremely helpful for me because sadly, I vocabulary is very limited at the moment.
  • Besides that you can also bookmark, highlight and add notes to relevant contents! 
I haven't used it long enough to be able to give a complete review of it, but so far I love it! It's not expensive too. I'm confident that it will make me read a lot more books that I always wanted to read because of how convenient and comfortable it is to read from it :)

p/s: I was trying nuffnangx conversation, for some reason I decided to change it back to the original blogspot comment system, so all the comments are gone, sorry :(

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  1. hey, kah ying~long time no seeXD jay lee here~now only noe that u serve nuffnang tooXD
    how is your life in SG? btw from ur pic that u took can realize that u are satisfied there~
    ur pic i like the most! u r like a pro photographer lo!do i need to pay copyright if i need ur photo from ur blog?XD
    exactly a lifestyle blogger~ :)

    1. HELLOOOOO wo de xue ji peng you!!! :)
      why, a lot of people use nuffnang too! haha. where did you find out my blog?
      xie xie ni :)
      haha you dont need to pay copyright, a credit with my name and link to my page will do! haha.
      just realised you're a new blogger! cant believe it! haha welcome to the blogger worldddd.
      your chinese is still so good!!

  2. LOL¬ok i will link it to ur blogXD¬¬ help u gain unique hits as much as possible
    LOL¬ur eng can help me improve tooooo!
    i have open 3 blog¬but end up by opening again a new blog with nuffnang!!!
    I visited ur blog quite long time agoXD but recently saw u serve nuffnang then comer here and comment¬haha¬sg has many blogger serve it too¬LOL
    btw i m not so sure how the nuffnang on counting the unique hits?
    sometimes the views increase sharply but the hits still remain the same?hahaa¬



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