May 11, 2012

1.15am, everyone at home is asleep now, I definitely adore times like this, where everything is so peaceful, calm, quiet and the weather's nice. How many times do I need to repeat that I love love love the fresh air at night? I can only hear the sound of the keyboard while I'm typing. Best time to read, think, reply mails, and blog, maybe? In the afternoon it's too hot here, people will be talking and walking in and out all the time, facebook notifications pop every now and then that I couldn't concentrate doing other things. Sigh, facebook addict. How I wish it's healthy to stay late at night. So my sister wouldn't be nagging and I wouldn't be uglier. haha.

This post is random, just feel like typing something. Time has been flying incredibly fast these days. So many things to blog about! But no time. Came home every night with lots of photos but too exhausted to edit and post right away, then the next day I'd go out and come back with another hundred of photos and thoughts. And the thoughts of the previous day was long gone by then. sigh. wonder how the famous and busy bloggers manage to blog so often. But then again, why make blogging sound like a chore? Well it's actually not, it's just the want and urge to create and document the memories and beauties of my life.

Life has been good, I always say that, don't I? Even when life hasn't been quite good I always want to believe that everything that happens now is the best possible thing that can happen to me.

Lots of plans these days! Time to try making things happen.

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