Maybelline New (York) Me Party

May 11, 2012

First of all I need to thank everyone in Facebook who was so kind to help my sis and I win these products and the invite to Maybelline New (York) Me party at Zouk. Neither my sis nor I had been to Zouk, yes we're very good girls, haha. I hadn't had the chance to attend any event like this, so when I realized it's quite easy to win the invite, "why not?" I thought. it's mainly because I have lots of very helpful friends in facebook, thank you! ;)

Then of course I have the responsibility to show you all how the event went! because I was there basically because of my friends. If you aren't 18 yet and haven't been to Zouk, yes this is how it looks like.
We literally had to queue to go in because there were lotssss of people.

my sister - make-up in progress.

Make up done by Maybelline makeup artists.

There were Forever 21 fashion show, free Soyato ice-cream (yum), makeovers, performances by local rapper - Kevin Lester, live demonstration of make up on the runway by the well-known makeup artist - Marcus, and even the co-founder of Nylon Magazine - Marvin Jarrett was there! too bad I was standing quite far away so I didn't take many photos of the show and performances.

More photos of my sis and I. hehe.

One of my favourite photos taken by my sister. loving the lights! But you can also see that I have very ugly finger nails, caused by my terribly bad habit of biting finger nails for many many years during my childhood.

We left after the event was over, obviously we're not party people. haha. Anyway it's good day! Thanks to Soyato for the chance to attend this event! And also my very lovely friendsssss :)

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  1. are these all shot by 85mm lens? And how did you get the effect of lights flying around you? Can share me technique? Thanks. Anyway, both of you are gorgeous and beautiful.... :D

    1. No they were all taken by my 17-50mm f2.8 as i knew i would be taking photos of the place so i need a wider angle lens :)
      about the light, you can do it by any camera! the easiest would be using 'night portrait' mode! it's actually done by slow sync flash, you probably have seen the term, when you press the shutter the flash will fire to capture the near objects - the people, the frame is still open after the flash fires so you can shake around to get different results!
      Sorry i'm no good at explaining :/
      you can google some techniques related to slow sync flash. hope it helps! :)

  2. ok I c.. thank for reply. :D



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