A Trip To A Culinary & Bakery Art School

November 12, 2011

So yesterday when I was having dinner with my friends, Windy looked at her phone and then said "Oh hey my friend asked if I wanna go and visit her school tomorrow, they're having the open house tomorrow!"
Her friend is studying in a culinary & bakery art school in Singapore - At- Sunrice, I've heard of it because one of my friends from Malaysia is also studying there! I saw some of the photos she took in her school, everything they make looks really professional. Since we're having our project week now (which means there's no school), why not?

Lunch at RamenPlay before we went there together with another 2 friends.

I like the food here! hehe

Then we went to the school, we were just thinking to see how the school looks like, taste the food if they would be having any demo etc hahah. ah but when the people at the registration booth asked us what course we were interested in, only I realized open houses are usually held for people who are interested to take their courses! Shamefully I told her we just wanted to look around, wasn't even brave enough to say that we all are actually already enrolled in other universities, thought that's quite rude. Thankfully they're all friendly hehe. We were a little bit late and they had already started the tour, we then were brought to the room where the others were and walked around the place.

The entire area is not very big but everything's really new!

Some students & instructors had some live demonstrations.

We also went into the library and they showed the cooking kit, uniforms, shoes, textbooks etc that every student must have. And wow, art students have countless brushes with different sizes and uses, while culinary students have countless knifes with different sizes and uses! If I'm not mistaken they have about 30+ different knifes! Can you imagine x.x
But then it's really cool. hehe.

When they asked a few of the students to share their experiences, I realized we are pretty much the same, the culinary students and the art students. Both need a little more courage to make the decision than the others as people always think that this path is gonna be difficult and it's not promising bla bla bla. Out of 4 students who shared their experiences, two of them studied something else before this, and both realized they weren't happy doing what they were doing so they decided to follow their hearts. I'm pretty sure some students there must have struggled a lot like how I have, the battle between mind and heart. But now I'm confident I wouldn't regret in the future because I'm really happy doing what I'm doing now, and happiness is always a direction, at least for me.

Met my friend as well and we chatted for quite a while, I can't believe the last time I saw her was about one year ago! (When we went to New Zealand together) Sigh. Time flies. 

and before going home... we had some tarts! Orange chocolate tart, double chocolate tart, apple cinnamon tart! hmm yummm!

We all love fooooood! :)

p/s: Another few hours I'll be going to the airport and be having a short vacation with my family! I'm really excited! We're bringing 4 cameras in total omg hahaha. And then come back and rush my works for my assessment ._. 

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  1. KunBeo : WoW, your photos and blog post are great as usual ! Otherwise,incredible school, love it

  2. Hey there,
    thanks a lot (:
    i've only been taking random photos these days :(
    but holidays are here i shall go back to doing some self portraits! :D



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