Australia 2014

May 28, 2014

Finally, I'm back on my blog. First post of the year at end of May. With a lot of photos to share over the past few months. Have been shooting quite a lot for some online stores, school projects, travel to Hong Kong and Australia the past months (and Italy in a month!) People have told me that I'm being very quiet lately in the social platforms, not posting much on facebook, blog, and have completely stopped using twitter. And now, school has finally come to an end, and I suddenly feel the urge again to share all the images I've made, or at least this is a good place for me to documents all the process and small works I've been working on. Also, you might have noticed my new blog template, designed by a favourite website designer. So excited to start blogging and sharing photos again!

Here are photos taken in Australia 2 weeks ago, Gold Coast & Sydney. All by my phone. I'm not good with words, whenever people ask me how's my trip I find it hard for me to describe all the things I've seen and tasted, so I guess using images is a good way for me to show what I've seen. This trip wasn't a long one, since all my family members will have to work except me, we can't make it any longer. But we've throughly enjoyed Australia. Renting a car and having road trips based on maps & gps on a foreign land together for the first time, no guided tours, self-planned, having groceries shopping and making dinner together (funny it's the first time my mom, sister, sister-in-law and I prepare dinner together!) food might not be amazing or photogenic but they're honestly satisfying, not just to the stomach but for my heart. What I miss about Australia the most has got to be the weather, it's the starting of winter so it could be quite cold at night when the wind blew, but some days when the sun was out, it's sunny but cool at the same time? That's the best weather ever. Makes me appreciate sun so much.

I'm sure I'll be back again.

4 Love notes:

  1. You have some really great photos right there. :)

  2. yes! it's so nice to have you back finally! i missed your blog heaps and kept coming back here wondering if you'll ever post! Thankfully I follow you on Instagram and it was kinda active compared to your other social platform so it was a relief for me :)
    You're pictures always inspire me and your ideas are kind of like a role model for me :)
    Can't wait to hear more from your travel experiences 'cause the places you visit and blog about it always amazes me :)
    Here's to more blogging and photographs ;)

    1. I'm so surprised that there're actually still people who check my blog though I haven't been updating for a year! thank you dearie youre so kind (:

  3. Thanks for nice photos sharing ....



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