Fide Fashion Week 2012

April 12, 2013

On 1st April I received a surprise email, something that I never expected at all! But before telling you what's that about, I want to share some of the photos that I took last December during Fide fashion week in Singapore. If you wonder how I got to photograph the fashion shows - a few days before the fashion week started, a friend told me that a there's a photography competition organized by Fide, since I already started my school holidays, and had not photographed any fashion shows before, why not? 

I went with no expectations to win, just wanted to try photographing fashion shows. And I must say, photographing runways is so much harder than I thought, so many things that I didn't consider about... Out of 400+ photos that I took, I only managed to get not more than 15 of nice photos. Not kidding. 

The fashion week lasted for a few days with a few fashion shows everyday, I only attend 2 fashion shows. The first show was a terrible experience to me, everything was moving too fast. All the photographers were only allowed to be in a small square in front of the runway so they wouldn't disturb the guests from watching the shows, and there were probably about 20 other photographers trying to get the perfect photos from different angles. I hardly got any photo straight in front of the models because all the spots were filled up with so many other photographer. As expected, I was one of the only girls and easily the youngest among them. So I was thinking... since I couldn't get a perfect angle, why not try shooting from different angles by using different lens? I missed some good photos while changing lens and running around, of course, but I suppose I have some different varieties of photos. and I'm happy about it. 

Sometimes the outfit and the model pose are perfect, but the eyes of the models are closed, or the angle/lens isn't very suitable to bring out the best of the photo/outfit, or the guests behind were not cooperating (when they looked uninterested). Many many different factors that could destroy a good photo. And they're not in your control. 

I still submitted the 3 best photos for the competition. no harm, right? the last 3 photos were what I selected. I tried to choose all from different angles so it wouldn't be so boring. The results were supposed to be announced on December, as expected, I didn't receive any email, though a small part of me was still hoping I could win maybe the small prize. 

The Surprise 

Fast forward to few months later, 1st of April 2013, I received an email from Fide. The email started by saying "Hi Kah Ying, you have been selected as the first place winner for the competition..." My eyes immediately widened, I was thrilled! That really really was a surprise to me! Again it says to me - do not give up any opportunity because you never know what it might bring you.

7 Love notes:

  1. Congrats! Yikes, the environment to take photos seemed so squishy..the fact you were able to get photos at different angles at all is great. The last photo is my favorite, great timing.

    1. Thank you! the last pic is my favourite too! :)
      Yes... there are many things that we don't expect/think about until we really experience it.

  2. Congratulation!! I love the photo you taking!!

  3. Hi Kah Ying! May I know what camera you using? Your photos are awesome. Always love your photos :)

    1. hi macy!
      i was using nikon d90 for this and most of my other pics,
      i just upgraded lately :)
      thank you so much!! :)

  4. The surprise made me smiled, but I thought your pictures were really different and special. You are really talented at such young age. Congratulations! I'm happy for you. (: I wonder what's the prize for the contest?



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