Ons Huisie

December 27, 2012

When I say South Africa has spectacular scenery, I'm not kidding at all, you see. Just look at the sunset!  Just to let you know, this is an extremely overdue post, it was the last dinner we had in Cape Town, which was already 2 weeks ago. The next morning we left to a much smaller town called Swellendam. (well, not like you know where it is :P) It also means that it was the last day we stayed with Beverly, our second host mom. She decided to bring us to this restaurant near a beach called Ons Huisie, that means "Our Home" if I'm not mistaken. Amazing ambience. In the photos it might look warm, but Shanni and I were actually freezing because of the strong wind. (we're too used to hot weather sigh)

Snook is a very popular fish they have in South Africa and I was having a snook salad, hmm it's so goooood! Shanni was having her favourite fish & chips, which is also the most famous dish of the restaurant. It was a great day, we just sat there and chatted the night away before we went back home to pack to leave the next day. I'm so gonna miss this city and the people here.

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