Dr. Martens Classic 1461 3-Eye Shoes

June 16, 2012

I finally could cross this Dr. Martens shoes off from my wishlist!

Not easy to get this from Malaysia, went to some shops far from my home and they only had sizes for guys, I then learned the lesson and called the other shops to check if they had my size before I went, it took me 3-4 hours to go to the shopping mall just to get this darling pair of shoes! I remember the first day I wore it, a guy in the restaurant I was having dinner at complimented that I had a gorgeous pair of shoes and I was so happy! hahah. I think some people would think it's a little too manly for girls to wear it but I just love it.

I've heard that it'd take some time to break in and it's true, it hurt my feet the first day I wore it, it felt so hard and lifeless. I searched the google and found some very useful tips to break in these tough shoes. It then became a lot more comfortable after wearing it when I traveled at Indonesia few days ago, gladddd :)

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  1. Hi Kah Ying,

    May I know where do you get your Doc Marten shoes in Malaysia?
    Thanks :)

    Doc Marten Fanatic

    1. Hey,

      I got it from a store in Times Square, I remember I also went to the one in Melaka & The Gardens (MidValley) but they didn't have the design/my size, but I can't remember what the shop name is, but they sell a lot of sports shoes as well. I just checked the page and they have one in Pavilion as well, I think they might have more choices over there now!

      Good luck for your shoes hunting! (:

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  2. Awwww you are so lovely giving such detailed information ! Thank you very much !
    Btw I like your blog and the photos, very inspiring :) Keep it up :D

  3. I just bought a pair...painful, but hopefully they break in because I love them soo much.



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