Caleb & Brenda - Wedding

October 14, 2015

Finally getting around to post this set of images I shot for a couple that I might not know too deeply but personally admire. Caleb is the founder and main photographer for TouchStudios, who I have been working with for a few times. The first time I worked with Caleb, I was surprised by how down to earth, humble and kind he was. He's given me great opportunities and has always been patient and helpful along the way. While the first time I met Brenda, I thought she was gorgeous, incredibly sweet and friendly. They both always have this positive vibe and energy around them that make people feel... rather relaxed around them (if it makes sense?)
And so when I was first asked to shoot their wedding, I couldn't be more honored and happy, although I was also nervous - as every photographer would be when being asked to shoot another photographer's wedding. The wedding was beautiful, fun and emotional, the kind that made me in tears while listening to the speeches and stories from their friends and families although I might not have known them for long. It's usually my favourite part of photographing a wedding - to hear stories about how people meet as strangers to falling in love, getting through obstacles, how much they have gone through from the very beginning to where they are now... Those are usually the moments that make you think - wow, isn't life strange and wonderful and incredible at the same time?

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