The Best Things in Life Are Free

March 3, 2015

Hair drenched in seawater, we fell asleep under the sun while the beach music and joyful noise of people gently faded into the background. It's everything I need to genuinely relax - the sun, sea, wind and good music. An absolutely perfect way to start a new month, though I wish it could last a little longer.
I haven't had these in a while now. The last time I could remember is when I was still in Italy, where we spent a good few days only on the beach, from morning to dinner time. It was also the first time I had so much - almost too much time on the beach, and I finally learned to relax and take a nap at a public place without worrying about my belongings. It was just a rather different culture in my country where everyone avoids the sun. And the last thing we would do is falling asleep at somewhere public and leaving our belongings unguarded.

Anita and I were both initially lazy in the morning, having to pack our clothes and leave our beds, but Anita insisted that we go so we wouldn't waste another Sunday just staying at home doing nothing. At the end of the day I was so glad we made it there. It was everything I needed. The music, noises of kids and sound of water splashing form into this perfect melody as we fell asleep under the sun. 
Some people probably think it sounds fancy and expensive to go to a beach just to rest especially in Singapore (well if you order the food, yes it is a little pricey), but what you need to be happy - good company, sunshine, sea, wind and music. Best thing about it? They're all free! If you wouldn't want to spend too much, then you could just bring your own food there or so. Always live for the simple things in life! (:

All photos taken by iPhone - Mambo Beach Club, Sentosa

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