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January 29, 2015

The first month of 2015 is actually about to end in a few days. Have you realized how scarily fast time has past? I haven't made any new year resolutions because for the past few years I forgot about it few months into the new year, but if I were to make any now, it will include - blogging more often, they don't have to be perfect or always share-worthy, I simply don't want all the memories/images I take start collecting dusts in the computer/phone and being forgotten. I allowed this to happen way too much the past year. It might sound easy, but compiling, arranging, editing your images and posting them strangely require a lot of discipline.

2015 has been good so far, I have started running more often - thanks to Anita for always dragging me out. The highlight of the beginning of the year shall be the weekend trip to Penang with the girls from Fashmob. We stayed in the beautiful Blue Mansion (also known as Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion), which was under the "World's Top 10 Greatest Mansions" by Lonely Planet. I myself haven't visited the mansion before so it's all our first time there! Haven't been to Penang for a few years now, I had been dreaming of Penang Laksa and their Char Kuew Teow, they've (almost) all finally been satisfied. I wished we had more days to explore the street art and local cafes which have been increasingly popular these days in Penang, but there's always next time!

All photos by my phone (and a few from the other girls)

Since Penang is such a popular destination for traveling these days, we had been invading places full of tourists to shoot. In one of the pictures, you can also see how we just had our bags, shoes and accessories all over one of the popular streets with wire art. People came and went all the time to take pictures of the street arts, makes me wonder how many times I actually photobombed people's pictures.

We have unfortunately only been able to spot one of the more popular ones - the sibling riding the bicycle, and I had to squat down because I was blocking the little kid at the back :( Had a few surprises strolling down the street when you suddenly realized you were right next to a painting as big as the building. Now George Town feels like a place for treasure hunt, you see tourists holding their maps, searching for the next artwork that's hidden between the alleys.

Penang feels so much more different than how it was when I traveled here as a kid with my classmates at the age of 12. And I think it definitely has a lot more to offer despite how small the island is. Oh Penang, you're really beautiful in your very own way, and I'm definitely making a trip back again.

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