Postcards from Italy

July 14, 2014

I have been in Italy for quite a while now, actually only 2 weeks but I'll be leaving in another 2 weeks! So I initially intended to post at least one photo everyday on instagram to document what I have been doing so I could remember when I looked back. Unluckily my phone broke halfway and didnt wanna switch on anymore. Me, I see it as a hidden blessing, so that I could enjoy my trip more... (My host family is so kind that they gave me a cellphone so I could use during emergency) And since I always get too lazy to retouch the photos when I'm back home, I decided to start uploading them and writing things down before I forget them. My experience in Italy so far, is a mix of different kinds of people and food. Some are good, some not so. Italy isn't exactly how I imagined it would be, but like any other countries it surprises me in different ways everyday.  Here are just some postcards from Italy, pretty views. World cup finale tonight, also last night with my 2nd host family (which is awesome), will be spending it having barbeque by the pool, playing cards and watching the world cup. I've come to appreciate simple days because they're always the best!

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